Daybell heads British squad in Bangkok Open

Commonwealth silver medallist Kim Daybell and fellow British Para Table Tennis Team Performance Squad athletes Jack Hunter-Spivey, Martin Perry and Billy Shilton will be competing in the PTT Bangkok Open in Thailand starting tomorrow (August 8-10).

Daybell, who works part time as a Junior doctor in a North London hospital, won gold in the men’s class 10 team event with the Czech Republic’s Ivan Karabec in the Japan Open last week as well as bronze in the men’s class 10 singles. Hunter-Spivey also took gold in Japan in the men’s class 5 team event (with Norway’s Tommy Urhaug) and bronze in the men’s class 5 singles while Perry took silver in the men’s class 6 team (with Frenchman Esteban Herrault) and Shilton took silver in the men’s class 8 team with his British team mate Aaron McKibbin.

Also competing for Britain in Thailand will be four members of the Pathway Squad – Marc Bonnar, Jack Stockdale, Shae Thakker and Dylan Tynan.

The full squad for the PTT Bangkok Open is:
Marc Bonnar, 30 (men’s class 2) – Ingleby Barwick (Stockton-on-Tees)
Kim Daybell, 26 (men’s class 10) – Sheffield/London
Jack Hunter-Spivey, 24 (men’s class 5) – Liverpool/Sheffield
Martin Perry, 24 (men’s class 6) – Paisley/Sheffield
Billy Shilton, 20 (men’s class 8) Stonehouse (Gloucestershire)/Sheffield
Jack Stockdale, 18 (men’s class 10) – Romford
Shae Thakker, 16 (men’s class 10) – Denham (Buckinghamshire)
Dylan Tynan, 15 (men’s class 10) – Falmouth