Lockdown table tennis tips from the British Para Table Tennis Team

With access to so many sports unavailable during lockdown table tennis is the perfect sport to play at home. Anyone can play and you can play it anywhere – from the kitchen table to the garden – and the whole family can get involved.

The British Para Table Tennis Team performance coaches and athletes have provided advice on how you can use table tennis to keep active during lockdown and maybe even learn a new skill.

“Currently in the lockdown that we are in you can get involved with the whole family,” said head coach Greg Baker. “You can use frying pans for bats if you don’t have a table tennis bat, you can use books for putting up a net over the kitchen table, you can get the whole family involved playing the sport. You can really have fun with the family; it has high energy and you can have a laugh while you are playing so give it a go.”

You can watch BPTT’s lockdown table tennis tips here:

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