Player Membership

We offer several types of membership:

Player Membership (Senior or Junior) for people who want to compete at the many levels of our sport.

Associate Membership for those who won’t be competing but do want to be associated with the BPTT family.

Organisation Membership for this groups who want to be linked in an organizational sense to BPTT and its aims.

Membership lasts for 1 calendar year from 1st January to 31st December and can be renewed online here or you can download the required form for offline completion and payment.

Membership of British Para Table Tennis (BPTT) gives you the opportunity to join an organization which is dedicated to the promotion and development of Table Tennis for para Table Tennis players. Whether your aim is just to enjoy playing with players of your own ability or aspiring to potentially becoming a Paralympian or to volunteer in some capacity we would welcome you into our family at BPTT.

  • Under 18 on next 1st January

    Under 18 on next 1st January

    BPTT may arrange for photographs / videos to be taken of BPTT activities and published on our website and or social media channels to promote BPTT. Please confirm if you consent to your image being used in this way.

    BPTT would like to send you information on upcoming tournaments, news, and renewal reminders.

    Please confirm if you consent to receive these communications.