Sheffield Para Open Grand Prix Results 2021

Sheffield Para Open Grand Prix Results 2021
Congratulations to all the competitors who entered Saturday’s Sheffield Para Open Grand Prix 2021.

We should like to extend a special thanks to all the umpires who gave up their time to officiate excellently, (especially Marie who came all the way from Sweden); our field of play managers Howard Brialey, Mick and Cheryl Mckeown; our excellent tournament referee Dave Cochrane; and Chairman Karen Tonge MBE for helping to hand out the awards for the Open category ceremony.
Our next event will be on the 23rd October at Cippenham Table Tennis Club. Entry is now available on our website ( If you don't already do so, follow us on Facebook (, Instagram (, and Twitter ( to keep up-to-date with the latest news from BPTT.


Class 1-3 Singles
Gold: Andrew Green
Silver: Jacob Pritchard Webb
Class 4-5 Singles
Gold: Simon Heaps
Silver: Lee York
Class 6-7 Singles
Gold: Jaiden Calderia
Silver: Alex Bland
Bronze: Theo Bishop
Bronze: Daniel Mead
Class 8 Singles
Gold: Shahriar Masoudi
Silver: Daniel Ferguson
Class 9-10 Singles
Gold: Shae Thakker
Silver: Dylan Tynan
Class 11 Singles
Gold: Ben Robinson
Silver: Zoe Castle
WC Open:
Gold: Daniel Bullen
Silver: Lee York
Bronze: Mike Prendegast
Bronze: Simon Heaps
Standing A
Gold: Shae Thakker
Silver: Dylan Tynan
Bronze: Max Flint
Bronze: Shahriar Masoudi
Standing B
Gold: Jaiden Calderia
Silver: Shaun Alvey
Bronze: Adam Sharp
Bronze: Joseph Crouse
Standing C
Gold: Ahmad Madvadaat
Silver: Zoe Castle
Bronze: Ben Robinson
Bronze: Kyle Powell