BPTT Membership Policy - Terms and Conditions of Membership

1. Purpose of this policy

The purpose of this policy is to explain how Membership of BPTT works and what it involves: how you become a Member, the applicable Membership Fees, benefits of Membership, the responsibilities of Members and the rights of BPTT in relation to its Members.

2. Becoming a member

If you are a table tennis player who wishes to take part in any BPTT Competitions, or a coach, an official, a volunteer or a supporter, who wishes to be associated with BPTT, you need to become a Member of BPTT.

3. Types of Membership

There are the following classes of BPTT Membership:

Player Membership (Paid Membership) – For any person who has a physical, sensory, or learning disability, and wants to compete in the sport of para table tennis.

- Junior – For any person under the age of 19 at the start of the Membership Year. Consent from a parent or guardian is required for those under 19 years of age who wish to apply for a Junior Membership to BPTT.

- Senior – For any person over the age of 19 at the start of the Membership Year.

Associate Membership (Paid Membership) – For those who do not wish to compete but do want to be associated with BPTT.

Corporate Membership (Paid Membership) – For those companies or organisations who wish to be associated with BPTT.

Free Membership - Any person nominated by the Board and approved by the Annual General Meeting for the posts of President, Vice-President, Honorary Life Member (these first two categories are appointed for a 3-year period but are available for re-election), any Directors appointed to the Board, any Appointed Representatives appointed to Committees, and staff.

There is also an option to become a Friend of BPTT, for those who want to support and help promote BPTT.

4. Membership year

The Membership Year runs from 1st January – 31st December annually.

Membership shall remain valid until 2 months after the end of the subscription period and shall then lapse until a new annual subscription fee is paid. Within this 2-month period, Members who have not renewed will be placed in the Associate Membership category.

5. Membership fee

The Membership Fee is paid on an annual basis and is non-refundable.

The annual Membership Fee is determined by BPTT AGM and is due and payable by 1st January each year, unless otherwise advised. Details of the amount due for any given year will be available on the BPTT website.

All Memberships are subject to approval on behalf of the Board before being accepted. If an application is rejected, the Membership Fee will be refunded.

Memberships cannot be transferred.

Memberships can be purchased on the BPTT website here. You will need to create an account on the BPTT website in order to purchase a Membership.

6. Benefits of Membership

As a Player Member of BPTT you have the opportunity to take part in BPTT competitions.
You may also be considered for the BPTT Performance Pathway programme to help para table tennis players fulfil their potential at international level.

Newsletters (with key information) will be sent out to you.

All Members of BPTT are Company Members of BPTT and have the right to participate and vote at the BPTT AGM.

7. Responsibilities of individual members

As a Member of BPTT, you agree to abide by the Articles and Regulations of BPTT.

These include not acting against the interests of BPTT or the sport of para table tennis, and not to harm the reputation of BPTT or the sport of para table tennis in any way.

On the BPTT website you will find links to BPTT policies and procedures. All relevant documents can be downloaded from the BPTT website here, and should be read when applying for Membership of BPTT. The various policies govern important issues such as anti-doping, safeguarding, and whistleblowing. On becoming a Member, you agree to comply with policies and procedures.

As a Member, if you are considered to have committed a disciplinary breach, you may face disciplinary action in accordance with the BPTT Disciplinary Regulations, which can be found here.

BPTT policies and procedures may be revised, updated, and amended from time to time. Members are advised to check the BPTT website for the latest version.

8. Anti-doping

The Anti-doping Rules of BPTT are the UK Anti-Doping Rules published by UK Anti-Doping (or its successor) as amended from time to time. All members shall be deemed to have made themselves familiar with and agreed to be bound by the Anti-Doping Rules of BPTT and to submit to the authority of UK Anti-Doping in the application and enforcement of the Anti-Doping Rules of BPTT.

The Anti-Doping Rules of BPTT apply to all Members participating in Para Table Tennis. This applies for a minimum of 12 months from the commencement of Membership.

9. Termination of Membership

A Member can terminate their Membership at any time by informing BPTT in writing. No refund of the Membership Fee will be given.

Membership will also terminate if the Member fails to renew their annual Membership by payment of the Membership Fee by the due date.

BPTT reserves the right to terminate the Membership of any Member at any time, and at its sole discretion. If BPTT exercises such right, the Member will be notified in writing.

10. Video footage and images

When you participate in any BPTT event, you may be filmed or photographed at any point during your participation. By becoming a Member of BPTT, you grant BPTT permission to identify you by name in the video footage and photographs and to use the resulting video footage and photographs for promotional and commercial purposes, including the streaming of any BPTT Competitions, irrespective of whether you remain a Member of BPTT. BPTT will not be required to pay you for use of such videos or images, the copyright in which will be owned by BPTT.

If you do not consent to being filmed or photographed, please inform BPTT in writing.

11. Personal data

The transfer, storage and processing of data personal to you is subject to the BPTT Privacy Policy which is available to view on the BPTT website here.

12. Contact us

You can contact BPTT's Head Office using the following contact details:

By email: info@britishparatabletennis.com
By telephone: 07932 823948 (Performance Operations Manager)
By post: British Para Table Tennis, EIS Sheffield, Coleridge Road, Sheffield, S9 5DA

Any notification to BPTT made in accordance with this Membership Policy should be made by email or post.