Vacancy for Player Representative

Vacancy for Player Representative
A vacancy exists for Player Representative on the Competitions Committee for the period up to BPTT National Championships 2023.

This follows the Board's agreement that Dan Bullen should become an Appointed Member of the Competitions Committee having previously been a Player Representative.

In normal circumstances, nominations would have been invited a couple of months before National Championships with a ballot of players at the National Championships if one were needed.

However in the current circumstances, this is not possible so this is an electronic invitation for player members to nominate fellow player members as the Player Representative.

Nominations must be proposed and seconded by player members and sent to me on by May 24th. There can be separate emails from proposer and seconder. There also needs to be an email from the nominee consenting to the nomination.

Then if needed there will be an electronic ballot during the following month.

Best wishes to all,

Mike Smith
Company Secretary